Functional Design

Since 2001, the team at Inhaus Living have been changing the way people connect with their homes.

At Inhaus Living, we’re dedicated to empowering transformations, one space at a time. As a premier renovation company, we specialise in revitalising both residential and commercial properties, leveraging our expertise as a fully licensed, fully insured, Class 2 builder offering a comprehensive turnkey solution.

Why work with us?

At Inhaus Living, we’re not just renovating spaces – we’re empowering transformations that enrich communities and leave a lasting legacy of innovation and beauty.

Customer focused

From initial design concepts to flawless construction, we seamlessly guide our clients through every step of the renovation process. Our mission is not just to renovate spaces, but to inspire lifestyles by creating environments that reflect the unique visions and aspirations of our clients.

We have the experience

With over two decades of experience, we’ve become seasoned leaders in the renovation industry, delivering exceptional results time and time again. Our team brings a depth of knowledge and insight that sets us apart, combining proven methods with a forward-thinking approach to continuously exceed expectations.

Attention to detail

Quality, integrity, and innovation are the cornerstones of our success, driving us to elevate the standards of excellence in residential and commercial renovation. With our extensive experience as our foundation, we look forward to transforming spaces and exceeding the visions of our clients for many years to come.

Dedicated project management

At the heart of our operation, our dedicated project managers stand as the pillars of our success. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, they orchestrate each renovation journey with precision and care. Backed by years of experience and a passion for perfection, they collaborate closely with clients, architects, and craftsmen to bring visions to life, delivering transformative spaces that inspire and endure.

We are
market leaders

The owners at Inhaus Living consistently strive to maintain their reputation as Sydney renovation and building market leaders, having come from development and building backgrounds. This expertise has enabled the team to utilise the latest tools and systems, resulting in exemplary efficiency both onsite and in our showrooms.

With a large selection of products to choose from, Inhaus Living has built strong business relationships. We are affiliated with all major brands that supply the renovation industry with market-leading products.