Embarking on a Home Renovation in Sydney? Here’s Your 10-Point Checklist

Are you considering a home renovation in Sydney? Whether it’s a complete overhaul or just an addition for the growing family, it’s essential to have a solid plan in place before you dive in.

From understanding the Sydney’s building regulations to setting a realistic budget, there are several key factors to consider. As a renovating leader in the Sydney housing market, we’ve used our experience and knowledge to compile this 10-point checklist to ensure your home renovation goes smoothly and without too many issues

1. Understand your local Council’s building regulations and permissions

You’ve made the big decision to modify your home, but where do you begin?

Each location in Sydney has different building regulations e.g. if you’re renovating close to the CBD where it’s higher density and has more heritage housing, what you can do will be completely different to somebody who is renovating out in the western suburbs.

It’s not just about red tape; it’s about ensuring your project progresses as smoothly as possible. Your local Council will have specific guidelines that can vary depending on your project’s scope.

At Inhaus Living, our team will help take you through any required council or certifier approval processes via our trusted network of specialised Consultants, Engineers, Architects, Town Planners, and Certifiers. Being proactive will save you from potential fines and project delays, making sure your renovation sails smoothly from blueprint to reality.

home renovation

2. Set a realistic budget

A house in Sydney is already a significant investment and enhancing your home with a cost effective renovation will add extra value. But how can you do this when materials and labour can be expensive?

Crafting a realistic budget is pivotal in confidently navigating your home renovation journey, especially in Sydney. It’s more than just totalling up initial estimates; it involves preparing a contingency for the unforeseen expenses that invariably pop up.

Be thorough in your planning. Account for materials, labour, and any special design features. An informed, well-prepared budget is your best defence against overspending, ensuring your renovation dream doesn’t turn into a financial nightmare.

At Inhaus Living, we work with our clients to develop a budget from the beginning. Through our experience, we can guide you on the areas of where you need to spend and areas where you can save, ensuring the end result is the home you dreamt of.

3. Choose the right builder

Selecting the right builder can be an overwhelming decision, especially considering the number of media reports of issues with building contractors within Sydney.  

 Aim to partner with a builder who not only boasts a strong track record but also understands and shares your vision. Recommendations from friends or family can be great starting point, but we suggest that you always your own research with thorough interviews and request detailed quotes from several contenders.

Compatibility, reliability, and transparent communication are the key to a successful relationship with your builder. At Inhaus Living, we partner with you to bring your renovation to life. Our team of expert builders, designers, and craftsmen will not only create your dream home, but will support you through each step of the way with personalised guidance throughout the entire process.

4. The importance of a good design plan

One key thing we advise our clients is to never underestimate the power of a stellar design plan. It’s your roadmap, outlining your vision and how it intertwines with your home’s character.

If you’re using a designer, collaborate closely them to ensure that your design plan resonates with your lifestyle now and into the future. A robust design plan not only streamlines the renovation process but also helps in avoiding costly mid-project changes.

Design is a critical consideration for us at Inhaus Living. Using our latest design software, we can transform your ideas and designs into reality to develop a design plan that incorporates everything that will make your home special.

5. Plan your life around your renovation

Renovations, whilst thrilling, can turn your daily life upside down. Before you begin, it’s important to think about and plan how your life is going to fit in with the renovation. Can you still continue to live in your home during construction or will you need to find alternate accommodation during the busiest times?

Having a plan of how you will manage day to day during your renovation can minimise a lot of stress and feelings of overwhelm throughout the process.

6. Consider the timing of your renovation

The time of year when you decide to start renovating can impact how quickly or slowly it takes to complete. We like to advise our clients to envision when they would like to be in their home and we work backwords from there.

Key considerations that need to be taken into account include:

  • Time of year – A lot of businesses shut down and many people head on holiday in Summer.
  • Public holidays
  • Sydney’s climate – Even though Sydney’s weather can be quite stable, over the past few years there have been extreme weather events that can impact builds.

By planning ahead you can be realistic about timings and keep you project on track as much as possible.

7. Choose sustainable materials and renovation practices

Embracing sustainable materials and renovation practices is a fantastic way to enhance your home’s efficiency whilst being kind to the environment.

You can also explore options like solar panels, water-saving fixtures, and reclaimed materials to give your Sydney home an eco-friendly boost. By choosing sustainable options, you not only contribute to the wellbeing of our planet, but you can also give your house a point of difference if you ever want to sell.

With more focus being placed on green building techniques, every small step towards sustainability can make a significant difference.

8. Future proof your home with energy efficiencies

Have you ever thought of optimising your Sydney home to be more energy efficient? Your renovation is the perfect time to implement some energy efficient options, especially with the cost of power continuing to rise.

Consider upgrading to energy-efficient windows and using superior insulation to keep your home at an even temperature. Perhaps you would like to include smart appliances that consume less power without compromising on performance.  

Including these upgrades within your Sydney renovation will not only contribute to a greener planet but ensure your living space is cost-effective in the long run.

9. Maximise the added value to your Sydney home

Renovating your home is going to add market value to your property, especially in Sydney where houses are at a premium.

Before you begin, it can pay off to think about the potential return on investment each renovation choice might bring. Upgrading kitchens and bathrooms often yields the most noticeable increase in value but adding sustainable and energy efficient enhancements will also widen your buyer pool if you choose to sell in the future.

Strategically planning your renovations can significantly bolster your home’s worth in the vibrant Sydney property scene. At Inhaus Living, our team will explore potential options with you during our consultation phase so we can maximise the value we add to your home during the renovation.

10. Enjoy adding the final touches

After all the hard work is done, it’s the final touches that will transform your renovation into your long-awaited home.

Now is the time to have fun and add your personality to the space. Choose the furniture that’s going to grow with you. Consider the integration of indoor plants or artwork to inject vibrancy. With your additions, your renovation will seamlessly transform from a construction site to a comfortable, stylish home.

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